How to Convert Forms with Just a Few Clicks!


Learn how Kudzu Software’s new conversion tool can help you eliminate time-consuming form migration projects. Now you can securely convert existing forms from different systems into modern K2 forms in seconds.
The new conversion tool is a perfect solution to:

  • Modernise your outdated InfoPath forms with K2
  • Convert your Balsamiq wireframes to K2 for a further use
  • Get more out of your PDF forms with K2

The demos are guided by Ron Douglass, CEO Kudzu Software, and show how easy it is to modernize all the different form types.

Put your information management on a new platform and merge data across systems into your modern K2 forms. With Kudzu Software and K2, it’s easier than ever.


Michael Woll,
Managing Technical Specialist –
K2 Europe

Michael Woll works as Managing Technical Specialist at K2 Europe. With six years of professional IT consulting he is focusing on process and form driven projects. Starting in the SharePoint space with applications using the SharePoint workflow engine he moved to K2 No-Code Application world, where integration with LOB systems, O365 and cloud services is one important space of the full idea to create simple and powerful business applications with visual designers.

Ron Douglass,
CEO – Kudzu Software

Ron is an accomplished technology business founder and business development leader with a focus on building services and software companies in the process automation and collaboration space. Delivering innovative technology solutions that transform customers business operations is the core mission of his companies. After a successful career with Xerox and software company K2, he co-founded the professional services firm 5th Method in 2009 to provide process automation and content management consulting to services to companies ranging from the Fortune 100 and 500 to emerging mid-size organizations. His experience working with the world’s leading companies has taught him that an enterprise forms management strategy is a critical component of a successful enterprise business process and content management strategy. He co-founded Kudzu Software in 2018, a first of its kind forms management platform designed to help customers support the cost-effective management of change, innovation, and growth in today’s digitally automated age.

Rob D’Oria,
CTO – Kudzu Software

Rob is a highly-experienced technologist with extensive subject matter expertise in the areas of content and process management. Among other successes, he co-founded BlueThread Technologies where he conceived, designed, and developed StoragePoint…a Microsoft Innovation Award winning solution that was subsequently acquired by Metalogix. He also possesses considerable operational knowledge in several verticals, most notably Retail, Loan Origination, Healthcare, and Insurance. When not staring into a code window he enjoys spending time with his family and coaching boys lacrosse.