Kudzu Features

Introducing Kudzu:  A single platform for managing the full lifecycle of your company’s business forms.


Access and fill-out all of your forms in one central location, regardless of form type.


Quickly and easily build new forms with business user friendly tools.


High-Speed, High-Fidelity conversion of business forms from one format to another


Gain easier access to valuable business data previously locked up in static, file-based documents


Leverage leading business process automation platforms to add workflow to your forms.

Business Solutions

Improve business agility by quickly moving from one form technology to another.

Free up valuable IT resources and give business users easy to use tools to envision

Sending emails with static, file based attachments to request information or approvals from users

Email in-boxes, shared drives, and cloud storage are cluttered with file-based PDF, Word, Excel, and scanned paper

Connector Framework

Kudzu is able to support an ever-growing list of source and target form platforms in large part to its Connector Framework.  The framework supports building connectors that can read and/or write forms, schemas, and data.  Some of our connectors, notably our SharePoint offering, can do all of those operations.  It also facilitates cooperation or orchestration between connectors, so you can go to a SharePoint form library, read an InfoPath form template along with the data contained in that library with help of the SharePoint connector, and finally write out the form as a Power App with its data written to Dataverse tables…4 connectors working as one to get the job done.

In addition to the list of readers and writers below, you can expect us to add support for additional legacy form types and mockup/wireframe solutions on the  reader side along with support for published and embedded experiences on popular SaaS platforms on the writer side.

Infopath Replacement

With support for Microsoft InfoPath ending after July 2026 organizations still have a few years to come up with a plan for moving the user experience and data to a modern platform like Power Apps.  Kudzu can help simplify that plan by converting form layout, style, and data models to our Uniform model. From there our Uniform editor can be used to simplify, improve or re-imagine the model before being re-created as Power Apps, K2 SmartForms, fillable PDFs, or hosted in SharePoint with the Uniform runtime.

Transform your current InfoPath forms into the replacement forms technology of your choice.

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